Heather Reeves

31 Wymer Street - Norwich - NR2 4BJ

What psychotherapy can offer

Psychotherapy helps people who are seeking to understand more about their lives, their relationships and their difficulties.  I offer a consistent relationship, with regular, weekly sessions, giving support and an opportunity to explore difficult experiences together.  This process can help you understand the challenges you’re facing, whether the origins of these are emotional, physical, psychological or spiritual. 

I provide integrative psychotherapy, which means that I am trained in a range of approaches adapted to your individual needs.  I believe you have an inner capacity to resolve dilemmas and difficulties, given the opportunity to be heard, to express yourself and to receive consistent, professional support. 

Clients tell me that by arriving at a deeper understanding of themselves through psychotherapy, they feel more confident and less anxious.

I provide an initial assessment appointment to allow us to decide together how you would like to proceed.  We can follow this up with six further appointments, at the end of which you may wish to continue for a longer period.  I am able to offer both short and longer term work.  

email: hr@heatherreevespsychotherapist.co.uk phone: 01603 661205