Heather Reeves

31 Wymer Street - Norwich - NR2 4BJ

About me

I am an experienced psychotherapist, registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)

I have the Diploma in Body Psychotherapy, awarded by the Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre (CBPC) which is a full member of UKCP.  I contribute to psychotherapy training at CBPC and I represent CBPC within the humanistic and integrative section of UKCP.  I support the current recommendations concerning the statutory regulation of psychotherapists.

I provide supervision for qualified counsellors and psychotherapists.

Body psychotherapy is an holistic approach which includes aspects of psychodynamic and gestalt therapy.  It has pioneered a deeper understanding of the integral relationship between body, mind and spirit.  Body psychotherapists are well placed to understand the ways in which distressing experiences and trauma can affect our health and wellbeing. By working in this way I encourage the restoration of balance.

I have substantial experience of working with people facing a wide range of physical and mental illness and with those who simply wish to explore aspects of their lives & to arrive at a deeper understanding.  I work in partnership with other body therapists and with medical practitioners.

email: hr@heatherreevespsychotherapist.co.uk phone: 01603 661205